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Such a wonderful and awe-full place...




Super secret ladybug council meeting to discuss ladybug super secrets

"we must conspire against the bunnies"

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So this happened when I got home….
Dad: I’m tired of you embarrassing me by always running around looking busted.
Me: How do I look busted?
Dad: Your hair. I guess it’s ok since everyone is doing that these days, but damn you could it least comb it.
Me: I did comb it.
Dad: *side eye*
Me: I’m Black, this is how my hair naturally grows. It doesn’t grow straight, it grows curly and in coils.
Dad: Well you need new hair. *goes to his room*
I think if my hair was longer with each curl and coil more defined, he wouldn’t have an issue but since it’s short and not as defined he keeps calling it ugly.
#Feeling some type of way #Screw you I’m awesome #Black girl natural hair problems

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Who wants to get wasted and talk about pissing white people off with me on skype?

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When you are on vacation and trying to diet but someone eats a a Cinni Roll in front of you LIKE REALLY


❤️ (at Pinkberry NYC 14th and 6th Ave)


when you looking at your bank transactions like


"what the fuck did i spent $50 on at walmart?"

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It’s happening. The House voted today to sue President Obama 

he Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Wednesday evening voted to sue President Obama over Obamacare.

This is historic.

In a 225-201 vote along party lines, our leaders in Washington decided that House lawyers will draft legal documents to launch a lawsuit against the president for allegedly exceeding his constitutional powers. 

But will anything come of this?

this is pettiest country

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If a broken heart is what you give……

Then a broke heart is what you get…..