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Such a wonderful and awe-full place...



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Akintunde Ahmad Has A 5.0 GPA, 2100 SAT Score & Acceptance To Multiple Ivies

17-year-old student at Oakland Tech in Oakland, Calif., who achieved a 5.0 GPA and 2,100 on the SAT, has been accepted to top colleges and numerous Ivy League Universities: Brown, Chapman, Cal Poly, Cal State East Bay, Columbia, Howard, Northwestern, UCLA, USC and Yale Uni where he has received a baseball scholarship. Ahmad is leaving some people in shock at his accomplishments Ahmad describes himself as a “street dude” while admitting that his physique can be intimidating to people who are judgmental. Even his peers have underestimated him until he pulls out his cellphone to present them with images of his grades and test scores to provide proof.Ahmad has decided to narrow his choices to two schools Yale and Brown with plans of majoring in Pre-med or Pre-law.    

Well all I can say is I am proud of him and all other black young men doing well in school. I hope to hear more of him and others

He visited my college today.

Looks can be deceiving. I hope he picks the best fit for him.

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Isaiah Rashad x SZA (x)

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Fuck yo tea.

lmfao that caption is too perfect

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this movie was way too heavy for its intended age group

it’s actually really perfect for all ages because when kids learn this stuff early in life it stays with them 

The best all-ages material understands that kids are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for. I think stories that file down all the edges do them a disservice. There’s a lot to be said for not being afraid to be scary, to be clever, to be dangerous. That’s what we, as adults, remember. That’s why I love writing for a young audience - you’re reaching readers who are not only brilliant and intuitive, but they still believe in magic.

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Damn, this girl was prepared.

0_0 I always seen the fire gif not the eyes!!

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Did you graduate college?

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Why? You hiring?






what if you could hear boners

like a text notification


If i did not watch this show, it would look like sexual tension between three men

if you did watch the show, it would look like sexual tension between three men

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i need this so bad.

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